Monday, March 28, 2011

Kittens Part 2: Happy Ending

After the last incredibly sad kitten post I'm glad I can say that our second litter was completely healthy. Smokey started meowing loudly while I was in the shower (go figure) getting ready for work. It was April 15, 2008. I sat on the bathroom floor with her for a while but nothing seemed to be happening and I had to go to work. All day at work I was thinking I might come home to kittens but when I got back there was just Smokey. She started meowing loudly and kept going between me and the bathroom. I followed her in there, sat on the floor and she laid down in my lap.  Within a few minutes she was having a kitten. When the first one came out she began cleaning it and I had a hard time getting a good look at it. When she was all clean I saw her: a little black kitten covered in fur and moving! I was so excited. After her Smokey had four orange tabbies and one gray striped kitten. I read online later that some cats prefer to deliver their kittens alone but some want to have someone with them. They even have the ability to stop their labor until they are comfortable with the place they are or their company. I seriously think Smokey purposely waited until I got home to have her kittens.

Dave loved them.

I loved them.

There was lots of cuteness...

...and kitten soccer.

They helped us research for the renovation...

...and we taught them to use the litter box.

We found homes for them but decided to keep the little kitten that was born in my lap and named her Cocoa...

...and she appears in many of our renovation photos.


  1. I enjoyed reading about the "happy ending"! You and Cocoa must have a special bond. I love all the cute kitten pictures and I hope you update us about where Smokey is now.

  2. Thanks for reading! I know this is a departure from decorating. Smokey and Princess are now spayed and living with their owners, roaming the outdoors, and enjoying the children they live with.

  3. awww... love a happy ending. Your Cocoa reminds me of our Black Kitty Marley, who has to be near anyone and in everything. I have several pictures of me trying to craft or make something and he usually gets in the picture.

  4. I am so not a cat person, but this post could convert me...they are too darn cute!