Tuesday, March 29, 2011


After being sent to Seattle for seven months on a temporary work assignment for my husband, we returned to Alabama. We had a little less than a month before we were moving to South Carolina and about three weeks before our daughter's first birthday. We planned to throw a big birthday party in our yard with our family and friends the weekend before leaving. The party was a chance to say goodbye to our wonderful friends, celebrate our daughter's birth, and have an open house after (almost) completing the remodel.

Stting in anticipation of her big day while we make the food for the party:

Our parents came down from North Carolina to celebrate. Here is Dave's mom:

The living room set up for guests:

Cupcakes from Publix, homemade chocolate cake, and homemade German Chocolate Cake.

So....we're big fans of chocolate.

I bought the cupcake stand from Crate and Barrel in Seattle for a friend's baby shower. I love it.

My parents and Dave's mom helping get ready.

Curried chicken salad, lime and pepper tuna salad, croissants, and Hobby Lobby plates.

She liked her cupcake.

We rented tables and chairs and set them up in the back yard (though I can't seem to find any photos of that part of the yard at the party). It was a perfect day and wasn't unbearably hot for August in Alabama. Kids played on the tree swing, people looked through photos of our baby's first year and our house renovation, and we got to spend some wonderful time with friends. 

It was bittersweet since we knew we were leaving in a few days and this would be our last time to see many of our friends, and the last time we could have them in our home. However, God blessed us with great weather and everything went perfectly. I am so grateful for the sweet people who loved our baby girl while she was in my belly and during the first year of her life and for their being a part of our celebration!

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  1. Your daughter is just absolutely darling! What a special day on so many levels and I certainly know what it is like to have to leave behind wonderful family and friends. Definitely bittersweet!
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us,