Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Saying Goodbye Part 2

What was the room I hated to say goodbye to the most? I hated to leave my custom kitchen. We hadn't even really unpacked our kitchen boxes and fully utilized the space. Everything was perfect for us. The counters were slightly higher than normal since both of us are tall. 

We built the cabinets around our huge refrigerator to make it look built in.

I loved the little area with the clock and under stair storage that we had to figure out aesthetically.

I loved my custom drawers that we made deep enough to hold mixing bowls.

Here is a photo of the house the first time we saw it.

It's hard to think that this photo might be the last time we ever see the house.


  1. Leaving your house is never easy, especially when you put so much love into making it a home. You did such a beautiful job on the kitchen--I'm sure the future owners will love and appreciate it!

  2. You made the house into a beautiful home. Is it sold yet? If not, I can't imagine it will take long even in this market, for what a lovely home for someone to step into and make their own.
    How sweet of you to leave the clock and mirror....very special touches and so kind.
    Wow~ Have you found a new home yet? If you have I didn't see the news...I'll have to look closer at your blog.
    Good memories and it sounds like good times ahead.

  3. Thanks so much to both of you. The house did sell. I need to post about that. I keep forgetting to tell that story. We have found a new house in South Carolina and I am going to post the photos of it on Monday. I'm so excited to start posting about it!