Thursday, April 14, 2011

Farm Fresh in Charleston

Since we left Seattle, Dave and I have had a hard time finding the foods we got used to eating out there. We changed our diet a lot and eliminated a lot of processed foods. Since all the grocery stores out there carry an amazing selection of organic, natural, and healthy foods it was a lot easier to find what we needed to improve our diet.  Since the selection of organic foods in the local grocery stores here is not as expansive and the nearest Whole Foods is 45 minutes away, we needed to find an option that would get us back on track (since had been backsliding in our eating habits quite a bit).

Thanks to a friend in my MOPS group I was introduced to the Keegan-Filion Farm. She said we could order free range meats from them and pick them up at the Farmers Market.

After digging around a little, I also found Thornhill Farms. You can shop with them online and have their meats, seasonal veggies, pasta, eggs, milk, and other goodies delivered to your house once a week if you live in the greater Charleston area. They also have a weekly meal plan on their website complete with recipes that incorporate their seasonal foods. You can buy based on their grocery list for the week and all your meal planning is done for you. I'm looking forward to trying these out!

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