Monday, April 4, 2011

Saying Goodbye Part 1

After a couple weeks of relocating to South Carolina and having the house on the market for a couple weeks, we went back to Alabama to pack up our things and say goodbye to the house. Our pastor and his wife had a party at their house with some of our closest friends. It was hard to leave, especially since we had spent the previous seven months on the other side of the country and really didn't get the time to spend with our friends that we would have liked to before saying goodbye. We were blessed with an amazing church and wonderful friends and Huntsville was where we became a family. Charleston is much closer to our families and we felt like the right move but we loved our life in Alabama and it was a bittersweet decision to move.

It was a little odd to see the house empty and we left a few decorative elements that I felt were key like the mirror in the hallway, the clock in the kitchen, and the window treatments. Even empty it was beautiful with all of the architectural elements we had added and the wood floors.

We thought we'd let our daughter say goodbye to her room and this is how she chose to do so.


  1. Those really are bittersweet moments aren't they? Even when you know something is the right decision it can still be hard. This home was gorgeous and I'm sure you have big plans for the new one! :-)

  2. Thanks Vanessa. You are so sweet. I'm going to start posting about the new house after my next post and I'm excited to be blogging about more current things. Thanks for following. You are Heather are such an encouragement!