Paint Colors

I finally picked out the paint colors for the new house and, luckily, made it to the 40% off sale at Sherwin Williams last week.  The new colors are a lot different than the light/cool gray we did in our last house and this is the first time we haven't had any rooms painted blue. The colors we chose are definitely darker but we have a lot more chunky white trim in this house and I'm excited about seeing the wall colors make it pop. The nice thing is that the builder is going to provide the labor so, for the first time, we don't actually have to physically paint the house! Yay!

Here are the colors we chose:

Great Room and Kids' Bathroom: Sherwin Williams Relaxed Khaki

Master Bedroom: Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

Master Bathroom and Laundry Room: Valspar Urban Sunruse

The kids' rooms will eventually get white v-groove wainscoting on the lower four feet of their walls and these colors will be above:

Nursery: Benjamin Moore Middlebury Brown

South Carolina House

Kitchen walls: Nebulous White by Sherwin Williams

Shelving/bead board: Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams

Black Cabinets: Black of Night by Sherwin Williams

Pretty much everywhere else: Passive by Sherwin Williams

Alabama Cottage

I've had several questions about paint colors. I have always had such a hard time picking out colors from a swatch that translated well when applied to an entire wall. Recently I've gotten a little better at this with Sherwin Williams colors but for most of the rooms I have painted I have taken advantage of color matching. The color for our bedroom and bathroom in the Alabama house were taken from a pillow sham. I custom mixed the blue for the kitchen/dining room, the green for the nursery, and the tan for the hallway/living room from samples when I couldn't find just the right shades I wanted. If you are having a hard time finding your perfect color and think you could mix one, go ahead! I had a hard time with the green in the nursery because it seemed like the colors were either too limey, too bright, or didn't have quite enough yellow in them. When I combined a few colors and added some white I got just what I wanted. Make sure to test your color on the wall and let it dry before deciding. Paint a scrap piece of drywall or even a piece of paper to take to the paint store for them to match. Then hold on to your paint formula and you can buy the color for as many projects as you need!

This is the color we used in our bedroom and the bathroom:

This is the color we used for the kitchen and dining room:

I don't know why I wrote "dark" on there but you can just ignore that.

For all of our trim and our white cabinets we used Valspar Swiss Coffee (formerly Sawyer White). For the black on our French doors and our cabinets we used Black of Night by Sherwin Williams.

I can't find the formulas for the living room tan or nursery green but if I find them I'll be sure to post them!.