Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cabinet Doors

When we moved into the new house we weren't wild about the kitchen cabinet doors. They had trim on them which caused the hardware to be mounted in an odd location. In addition, we prefer the look of shaker style doors. Dave took the trim off and belt-sanded the doors.

He used 3/4" finishing nails to add 2-1/2" wide poplar strips (off the shelf at Lowes/HD) to the door faces.

Then he put wood filler where the new poplar pieces met the existing door.

He also added poplar pieces of the same thickness to our drawer fronts so they would be the same thickness as the doors. The bin pulls are discontinued Pottery Barn ones that we found for $5 each on Ebay. We will be putting the labels in soon.

With the open shelving and the new cabinet doors our kitchen is beginning to take shape!



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  1. lovely. i like that you chose black cabinets instead of the ever-so-popular white.

  2. Your kitchen is looking fabulous!!

  3. this is looking great!! Love the open shelving - just not brave to do it over here LOL. The black cabs look great with the counter and the wall paint. You must be really happy with it - i would be!

  4. It is looking fantastic! Like a completely different space. You guys are doing a great job! :-)

  5. Oh my gosh!! Such a beautiful change! I'm so excited to follow you both and watch the incredible changes to your home. You have such a lovely and classic aesthetic...fabulous! Kate

  6. Rachel, I love your blog, it's so interesting! Your kitchen is beautiful. Can't wait to visit again! Jackie

  7. The black and white, with the open shelving - so gorgeous! Awesome job!

    Jill @ JunkyVagabond

  8. I love love love love this!!! One thing I wish I'd done differently is to have my carpenter build cabinets like this instead of opting for pre-fab cabinets.....

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

  9. Rachel! It is already looking fabulous! It is like a completely different kitchen already. I continue to be amazed at your talent!


  10. It's coming together wonderfully! Thanks for linking Flaunt it Friday! :)

  11. Nice job! That's a lot of work and the result is worth it!

  12. what thickness were the original doors before adding the strips?