Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dining Room Dream

When we bought our house we loved the fact that it had a large dining room. We didn't, however, like the chandelier or the wavy/fake tray ceiling covered in popcorn. For a while we used the room to house boxes that we hadn't yet unpacked, but last week we felt it was finally time to give the room the facelift it deserved.

When we took out the fake tray ceiling drywall pieces and scraped off the popcorn, there was a two inch gap between the wall and the ceiling. We decided to remedy this by adding crown molding. We had already spray painted the chandelier white and moved it into the kitchen so we needed to replace it. We found one for $80 on clearance at Home Depot that was perfect for the room. With the crown, new paint, chandelier, and some cheap curtains from Tuesday Morning, the entire feel of the room changed. 



  1. This is really great. What color is on the wall?

  2. It's Passive by Sherwin Williams. I went in to get it the other day and found out it's been discontinued. However, they can still mix it for you even though they don't have the sample cards.

  3. Wow! What an amazing change! Must say I love the chandelier. Well done!