Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Paint Colors Again!

Today I've been picking out theoretical paint colors for the house I'm going to look at this weekend in case the builder is crazy enough to re-paint the interior for us. So far I really like Benjamin Moore Sparrow for the great room. It's a lot darker than what I would normally go for but the house has a lot of beautiful, chunky, crisp, white molding (which we lack here) and it's a large space so I think it can handle it. 

The color is on the walls here and I think it looks gorgeous!

I also love it here.

I'm also thinking about Valspar's Filtered Shade for a toned down nursery color...or maybe something slightly more khaki. 

I absolutely love this nursery!


  1. Ooh! The sparrow is glorious with that rug in the second picture. Drooling now!

  2. I know right! I didn't think I would go for a darker color but it's so great with the white and natural elements!

  3. That nursery picture was part of our inspiration when we did Maggie's! I love wainscotting in nurseries...beautiful AND easy to clean! Contrasts so well with dark furniture and/or all those pretty baby colors :)