Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Decorating

We are still very much in the process of hanging things on the walls and taking care of normal decorating in the new house. We've also been excited about Holiday decorating this year, especially since our daughter is aware of a lot more this time around. This was really our first year of doing any real Fall decorating so we started out small but fun.

When I first saw these numbered pumpkins on Pinterest they looked like they had been done with a Sharpie. However, Sharpies really don't work on vegetables apparently and I just ended up using some old acrylic paint.

A cute wreath and a few mini pumpkins in the birdcage...

 A few dried twigs and such on the mantel. Notice the lovely cords and the fact that the tv is sitting on top of the DVD a little work to do there :-)

Herb nesting crates with a few Fall decorative touches...

A drop cloth runner and $2 leaf placemats from T.J. Maxx...

...and a glass candle holder filled with split peas and red beans.

This arrangement is made from two dried bouquets from T.J. Maxx. One was $7.00 and one was $10.00. I used the contents of those two for this and for the flat part of the mantel.

It's definitely fun to get into Holiday decor this year and I can't wait to break out the Christmas stuff. This will be the first year we have actually had a tree and anything more than a few stockings and garland on the mantel!

shabby creek cottage

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