Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Evolution of Cabinetry

I most definitely have the best husband in the world. I just want to throw that out up front so that we're all clear.  :-)

When we realized that our plan for kitchen cabinets from the hardware store was going to cost about $13,000 we felt the need to look for other options (a.k.a. we most definitely did not have that kind of money). We wanted to put quality cabinets that would stand the test of time in the kitchen but we couldn't afford to spend more than a few thousand (which was a lot for us). Thanks to one of my co-workers, Lee, we were able to get our dream cabinets. Lee was super gracious and worked off and on for about a year with Dave to build our custom cabinets.

We chose birch plywood:

We chose to paint the toe kicks black so that we could add white furniture feet later for a furniture-like look. Sadly we never got around to that before selling the house.

When they were done, Lee was nice enough to drive the thirty minutes down to our house to deliver them:

We put the cabinets in and anchored them to the walls and the rest is history:

Thank you, Lee, for being amazing and patient. We would have been lost without you!

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