Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Icing On The Cake

Every cottage-loving girl dreams of beautiful moulding and wainscoting throughout their house. Nothing adds interest and subtle beauty quite like architectural details. When it came time to wrap things up with the construction side of the house and add the finishing touches we had just had our first baby and we were running low on DIY energy. So, we hired our trim guy who was amazing and incredibly sweet. He did a great job bringing our ideas into reality and helping us finish the space. Here is a photo of the kitchen moulding he did before we painted it:

Under our clock in the kitchen there was an awkward little storage space. It was great for storing things but not so great for the flow of the room or the look of the wall. It was actually the space underneath the staircase to the attic.

We added bead board to the wall to bring a somewhat continuous feel instead of having an obvious door and used a latch that opened when you pushed on the door so we didn't have to have any visible hardware.

The idea for our archways came from a couple cottage living photos. The inspiration for the overall look came from a photo that I have only been able to find recently at another blog. It's the one on the left side in their notebook here.

The cross detail on the arches was taken from this cottage living photo: 

Like every cottage/country loving girl I dreamed of having a farmhouse sink. Of course we didn't have a thousand dollars to shell out so I didn't think my dream would become a reality. I was pleasantly surprised when we found one online that was half price because it was a return item. Even though $500 was a splurge for us on a sink, I'd say it was totally worth it. 

I wanted to use the same style faucet in the kitchen as I had used in the bathroom. Although I'm not super wild about how close the color of the faucet and the color of the countertop are we had the faucet long before we decided on the wood counters and just decided to go with it. We did a lot of scouring on the internet as we were stocking up for our remodel and found this faucet half price. 

I love the look of the new moulding around the window Dave put in. The cafe curtains are a couple of $10 canvas curtains that I got from TJ Maxx. I added grommets and had a friend hem them (as I don't yet sew). The rod is actually a tension shower rod that I had from our bathroom remodel and had forgotten to take back to Target.

We covered the circuit breaker box with a seagrass pin board from Target. It was nice to have that covered after staring at it for two years. I guess I could have put something over it before but it was pretty much in constant use.

My clock (see previous photos) was a purchase from either Ross or TJ Maxx (can't remember now). I love it so much. I felt like it was perfect for the space and left it for the new owner though now I am having a hard time finding one I love as much for my new home.

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  1. OMGoodness! I adore your home. The updates are beautiful. Looks like a blogpost from DIY network! Such a dreamy home!

  2. Thanks so much! We really enjoyed the process and we were really blessed with the breaks we got along the way that helped us put everything together.

  3. That is one awesome makeover. I love the color on the walls and those gorg countertops!