Thursday, May 5, 2011

Message Center

I have wanted a home organization/message center for a while but wasn't sure exactly what look to go for. I loved the Pottery Barn Rustic Wall Organizer but really didn't have the money to shell out for that. We found a plate holder at an antique store (bottom right) to use for mail and miscellaneous items such as keys and cell phones. The tray (top left) was on clearance at Pier 1 and I thought it would be a good base for a burlap pin board. The whiteboard calendar is from Staples and we used an old pen and ink drawing from my high school art class days to balance out the grouping. 

To make the pin board, we cut cardboard to size for the tray.

We used spray adhesive to attach cork to the cardboard.

We then used more spray adhesive to attach burlap to the cork.

The finished product was a cute pin board so that we could get all our cards and papers off of the refrigerator.

The mirror on the right is a story for another post.


  1. Love the message board. Also, congrats on the Remodoholic feature. P.S.- I'm in the Low Country as well!

  2. Thanks Kim! Just checked out your blog. I love your back porch!

  3. how did you get the cardboard to stay in the tray when placed vertically?

  4. We attached the cardboard/cork/burlap to the tray with more spray adhesive! Looking back, we could have finessed the size of the original cardboard piece to fit more snugly into the tray and that alone would have kept it put. However, it was difficult to know how much larger the two layers of burlap would make the original piece of cardboard. Our burlap actually didn't add much at all... maybe only 1/8" on each side.