Friday, May 13, 2011

Painting Chandeliers

Once we moved into the house I realized how much I disliked most of the light fixtures. We had a large fluorescent light in the kitchen and a dated chandelier over the kitchen table. I also felt like the dining room chandelier looked too large and bulky for the shorter ceilings.  

We decided to spray paint the dining room chandelier white and try it in the kitchen as a replacement for the fluorescent light.

I ended up loving it and it looked much better with the higher ceilings in the kitchen.

I found the chandelier below at a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for $10 to go over the kitchen table. 

I found this beauty at Charleston Lighting and Interiors for $89 in the closeout room. I think the guy working there thought I was crazy for buying it. 

I sprayed it with oil rubbed bronze and then a light coating of black to tone it down. I really like it and it will probably go in our bedroom (though I originally intended it for our dining room).


  1. It's always amazing what a little spray paint will do. I've done 2 chandeliers so far and just purchased another one at a yard sale for $5. Not sure where I will put it though. I'm running out of light fixtures. LOL I couldn't pass it up though.

  2. Oh, I love your kitchen by the way. Especially the open shelves and the chandy looks great in there.

  3. the two chandeliers look like they could have been sold as companions. you were lucky the 2 worked out so well in the same general area!